Buy, order, Ri miniF.O. Otoscope HL 2.5 V, , plastic

Ri miniF.O. Otoscope HL 2.5 V

€61.27 incl. VAT - €61.27 excl. VAT
Delivered in hard plastic case with two sliding safety catches Plastic tubes each with five reusable 2.5 mm and 4 mm ear specula. Battery handle type AA for two batteries type AA. Batteries not supplied.
Buy, order, Riester e-scope vacuum direct illumination,
€70.75 incl. VAT - €70.75 excl. VAT
E-Scope® Riester has a swivel lens with 3x magnification and a connector for pneumatic otoscopy. The casing of ABS plastic, the e-Scope® impact resistant and robust.
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