Finger Saturation Meter 50E
Finger Saturation Meter
Finger Saturation Meter 50E
Finger Saturation Meter

Finger Saturation Meter 50E



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The saturation meter (or pulse oximeter) 50E makes it possible to do continuous saturation and pulse measurements. You can set an alarm if the measurements exceed certain values. You can display the measurements on the monitor of a PC with the USB cable of the pulse oximeter. Long-term measurements can be downloaded to the PC and printed on a maximum 30-hour report.
A measurement takes place every second. Thanks to data storage up to 30 hours you can use the meter for a full day / night saturation and pulse measurement.

We supply the saturation meter 50E including: rechargeable 3.7V lithium battery, USB cable to connect the meter to your PC, power adapter to charge the meter via the socket, a neck cord and a handy plastic bag to safely put the meter in to store.

- The display has 4 colors and the display can be set in 4 directions. The meter is therefore always easy to read.
- Plethysmogram: graphical representation of the pulse via the OLED color display
- Programming via a simple menu
- Both a light and sound alarm signal can be set
- USB interface with your PC
- Up to 30 hours of data storage in the meter's memory
- Including software for monitoring and sleep study
- Power supply via a rechargeable 3.7V lithium battery. It is therefore not necessary to replace batteries
- Automatic switch off after 4 seconds if you do not use the meter

Technical data
- the software is easy to download via the internet
- 4 color display: 160x128 pixels, 256K color
- Consumption: <20 mA (without use of alarm)
- Pulse rate: 30-255 BPM
- Saturation: 35 - 99% with precision ± 2% between 70 and 99%. Not specified between 35-69%
- Dimensions: 57 x 32 x 31 mm

1 year factory warranty

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