CMT Hand Disinfectant Gel Alcohol 5000ml

CMT Hand Disinfectant Gel Alcohol 5000ml



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CMT® Hand Disinfection Gel is an alcohol-based hand disinfection product to combat bacteria (excluding bacterial spores and mycobacteria), yeasts and fungi, before use
without rinsing. CMT Hand Disinfection Gel contains an extremely effective combination of the active ingredients ethanol and isopropanol. The added glycerine helps prevent chapped skin and gives the skin a soft and smooth feeling. CMT Hand Disinfection Gel is approved by the CTGB under approval number 14623 N, in addition, the combination of active substances has been tested by an independent institute for safe use in food.

Active substances

Ethanol 80% V / V
Isopropanol 5% V / V
Product features

Fast exposure time and drying (30 sec).
Does not contain added perfumes that can contain food
Glycerin as a care ingredient.
Can be used before putting on gloves. (let it air dry first)
Easy to use .
Suitable for medical dispensers.

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