Greencare SANET alkastar sustainable alkaline sanitary cleaner

Greencare SANET alkastar sustainable alkaline sanitary cleaner, 1L



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SANET alkastar is an ecological, alkaline sanitary cleaner without acids and chlorine. This environmentally friendly, powerful cleaner effectively removes grease and oil from acid-sensitive surfaces.


Fully biodegradable
With Ecolabel
With Cradle to Cradle Gold certification
For all water-resistant surfaces such as enamel, chrome, porcelain, ceramic tiles, plastic and painted surfaces. Also suitable for plastic (acrylic glass, polyamide, Corian), partitions, washbasins, shower walls, furniture, floor coverings, faucets, fittings, door knobs, (stair) handrails
If the dosage is a maximum of 1%: also suitable for marble
Suitable for professional use
Packaging: 1 box = 10 pieces of 1 L

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